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Point Pleasant ShuttersHave you decided on a window treatment for your home? There are a lot of options out there today as conventional curtains and blinds tend to be popular choices. But if you are looking for style and classy designs, come to Slats & Pleats for custom Point Pleasant shutters. You’ll appreciate our large showroom on wheels as we deliver samples and patterns so you get the right fit. Our Point Pleasant Shutters are solid and very durable. By coming to your Point Pleasant Shutter Company; you will be enhancing the appeal of the otherwise dull appeal of your rooms.


Shutter Appeal

A shutter is a hinged panel that can be faceted on either the interior of a window to sometimes accent the window. If you’re a homeowner who takes pride in their home, these are what you need for an accented window that will get you the compliments that your home so much deserves.


Professional Window Treatment

Windows should be treated just like your walls. Dull white walls with no pictures or wall art on them are just non-appealing. At Slats & Pleats, we provide you with different options when it comes to Point Pleasant window treatments, options that will spruce up your home.


Facts about Interior Shutters

  • Shutters cut down on energy costs – Homeowners use their air conditioners a lot in New Jersey make themselves vulnerable to higher energy bills each month. Window treatments cut down on the amount of heat coming in from the sun’s rays.
  • Easy to maintain – Interior shutters can be cleaned using a soft cloth or duster. There are lots of window treatments out there that are tough to clean. Your new shutters are not one of them.
  • Appeal – Appeal is something that people either care too much about or not at all. If you are looking to increase the appeal of your home, these are the window treatments that can do it.


Reducing Energy Costs

Although window treatments are appealing and can accent your windows, they can also reduce energy costs. You get to control the amount of heat, coming from the sun, that you want in the home where it can add to the comfort or cut down on how much you use the air conditioner.


Insulation Values of Shutters

Shutters provide insulation for your widows. If you did not have window treatments before and have gone through a New Jersey winter; you know how much of the heat went directly out your windows. Shutters have a better insulation value than naked windows do.

When it comes down to needing Point Pleasant shutters, always go with the custom ones that Slats & Pleats can provide you with. We will bring them to you because we care and want to invest in our customer’s windows.


Our Point Pleasant Shutters Provides These Detailed Services

  • Shutters
  • Interior Shutters
  • Exterior Shutters
  • Wood Shutters
  • Window Shutters
  • Vinyl Shutters
  • House Shutters
  • Custom Shutters
  • Louvered Shutters
  • Wooden Shutters
  • Outdoor Shutters
  • Indoor Window Shutters


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We purchased Hunter shades for our new apartment in 2011 and have been totally satisfied with the products and installation. Honest work and great service !!!
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Reliable honest quality professional. Best out there.
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Great value and meticulous work. Highly recommended!
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The team at Slats & Pleats are great. Would highly recommend them. I have plantation shutters and Hunter Douglas shades.
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